Maximising Financial Performance and Profitability


Insights from the trenches, not the textbooks! 

This Webinar will cover:

• The relationship between the service-oriented professional and the need for profit
• Why is profit so critical irrespective of the perceived weight given to it by each individual Law Firm Principal or Manager?
• Reality Check - clear explanation of how poor typical profits are currently
• Exactly how good revenues need to be, relative to expenses, to create even basically acceptable profits
• Examples of how clients can be/must be looked after exceptionally well while being charged fair, reasonable and proportionate fees that will underpin proper profitability for the firm
• What the critical issues are, and why
• Getting and keeping the right clients
• Getting productivity and efficiency right
• Effective relationship-enhancing, profit-protecting, disclosure on fees
• Planning/Budgeting
• Credit Control and Cash Flow
• Pricing alternatives, confidence and smart psychology, ”horses for courses”
• Performance Review/Career Development/Remuneration
• Key “do’s and don’ts”, especially the immense damage caused to proper profits by continue to pursue the “One-Third/One-Third/One-Third“ myth

Webinar Learning Outcomes:
Newly focused understanding of what reasonable profit in the small-medium law firm should look like. How to go about ensuring the key elements are properly dealt with to ensure proper profit returns from a well-run practice, after proper salaries of working owners are taken into account.

Suited to:
Legal Profession - Introductory, practical, detailed for Small and Medium-size firms; Principals, Solicitors, and all levels of Manager.

Presenter Bio:
Rob Knowsley LLB is the Managing Director-Principal of Knowsley Management Services. He was admitted as a lawyer in early 1975, and has delivered hundreds of seminars, workshops, and conference addresses over his career. He is a confident, down-to-earth, communicator of the essentials for legal practice success. Fellow lawyers appreciate his no-nonsense, “Tell it as it is”, style, addressing the often harsh realities of modern practice, and what the proven solutions are for those who are willing to take up the challenge to change. Rob’s value as an educator for lawyers lies particularly in his wide experiences as a practising lawyer in New Zealand and Australia, and then consulting over the last 30+ years with 1,355 small-medium law firms across Australasia and, more recently, Canada. He has a particular interest in the close relationship between sensible planning, practical marketing, productivity, and pricing, in establishing strong financial health in small-medium law firms. Rob’s in-depth experiences with such a large number of smaller legal firms have confirmed for him over and over exactly what it takes to run firms to serve clients with excellence, to be able to generate proper profits (after Principals’ salaries) and underpin long-term practice health.

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