Dealing with Difficult Clients & Stakeholders


Save time and energy and achieve your goals more easily.

This webinar will introduce you to simple yet effective tools for responding constructively to negative, overbearing or generally difficult people.

Whether ‘difficult people’ are clients, managers or other stakeholders, we review practical techniques that you can use to improve both relationships and outcomes.

The session will explain how you can stay constructive and outcome-focussed even when dealing with someone who is disruptive or otherwise. You will learn proven techniques that will help you stay calm and steer the conversation toward achieving productive results.

• Developing these skills will support you in having more confidence, maintaining your focus and reducing the friction in difficult relationships
• You will learn simple, empirically valid techniques for remaining centred that can be utilised in any conversation
• You will learn new dialogue skills that will save you time, such as how to keep a conversation on track, or re-focus a difficult conversation when you need to
• This session will be interactive. It includes case studies and further reading references

Attendees will also be provided with a Supporting Document “10 best-practice tips for approaching and managing difficult relationships”

Webinar Learning Outcomes:
• Understand how difficult people affect and injure our sense of emotional safety, and therefore our confidence
• Increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence about how difficult people de-rail your performance.
• Gain insight into the latest research on what is behind difficult behaviour in others, and how to leverage this to your advantage
• A series of validated behaviour practices that you can apply with difficult people and in difficult moments

Suited to:
This is a practical webinar suited to professionals, business owners and advisors who find themselves working with difficult clients, peers or stakeholders. For experienced professionals it will update existing skills sets with some of the latest thinking and research, and it provides an excellent introduction for those working with difficult people for the first time. 

Presenters Bio:
Deborah Assheton is the owner and director of The Amplify Group, a business that uses best-practice frameworks to deliver practical, high-impact leadership, change and inter-personal skill building workshops. Deb’s passion is to help professionals deepen their self-awareness and embed behaviour that creates new levels of performance, engagement and results for them.

Deb has over twenty years’ experience in Executive Leadership positions where she has managed very large teams of more 3,000 people for some of Australia’s best known and highly regarded companies including Vodafone, BUPA and OPSM. Deb holds a BA (Psychology) and a Masters of Organisational Coaching (Sydney University). Deb’s clients span the retail and wholesale property management, banking, legal, technology, transport and motoring, and telecommunications industries. 

You will be provided with: 
• PowerPoint presentation slide deck 
• Any Supporting documentation 
• Webinar Recording to view multiple times for up to 6 months 
• An opportunity to ask questions to the presenters

Date of Original Broadcast

04 September 2019

  • Webinar Recording
    • PD hours: 1
    Stream this recording multiple times at your convenience.
    • $180.00 incl. GST

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