Lovers & Spendthrifts in Estate Planning - Confessions of a Tax Lawyer


Join Adjunct Professor, Dr Brett Davies for an interactive webcam session to unpack this important topic.

How to plan for a plethora of possibilities.

Do you worry about your clients?

No one can predict the future and that’s what makes Estate Planning so challenging – it’s plagued by the uncertainty of multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios.

This will be a highly entertaining presentation to show accountants and advisers how they help their clients achieve peace of mind when it comes to questions such as:

• your client's Ex claiming part or all of their estate when they die?
• how their child with specific needs will be financially cared for when they are not here?
• passing their decision-making abilities on to a trusted person in the case of sudden illness or impairment?
• protecting their wishes from in-laws?
• undocumented loans to their children and the impact of unpaid debts on inheritances?
• the complexities associated with blended families?
• children's financial judgement and inability to spend wisely?
• leaving money to charities or other good causes without challenge from the family?

The session will also address how accountants get rid of the Family Trust loans and Unpaid Present Entitlements?

Webinar Learning Outcomes:
Attendees will gain an understanding of how to take control of their client’s estate planning needs including:
• Last Wills & 3-Generation Testamentary Trusts
• Enduring Powers of Attorney
• Medical Powers of Attorney
• Spouse Loan Agreements
• Loans to Children

Suited to:
Practicing accountants, lawyers and business owners.

Presenter Bio:
Adjunct Professor, Dr Brett Davies.
Legal Consolidated Barristers & Solicitors, National Australian law firm.
Full Bio located here.

You will be provided with: 
• Supporting documentation 
• Webinar Recording to view multiple times for up to 6 months 
• An opportunity to participate in Q&A

  • Webinar Recording
    • PD hours: 1
    Stream this recording multiple times at your convenience.
    • $180.00 incl. GST

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