Life Support after JobKeeper


What you need to do to protect your clients from Unfair Dismissal Claims and fines.

The September Cliff is looming for SMEs and for many this will mean that they are going to have to make some very tough decisions and at the very least, significantly restructure their business to reduce headcount and costs or worse still - close. JobKeeper has been like a ventilator for their business but the oxygen is about to be turned down or off and some businesses won’t survive without life support.

Why should you attend:

  • Your clients need you to know what their potential risks and costs are
  • Restructures will help your clients survive financially
  • Save your clients potentially thousands of dollars
  • Understand the redundancy process and risks
  • Case study- how we saved a client $13k at Fair Work Mediation
  • This is a practical workshop to give you the tools to help your clients with life after JobKeeper.

For many still getting JobKeeper they will still need to downsize to survive.

Learning Outcomes:
How restructures are completed. What is a genuine redundancy? What are the risks? What are the costs of getting it wrong for you and your client?

Suited to:
Any accountants that work with SMEs that are struggling through COVID and who want their clients survive.

Presenter Bio:
Natasha Hawker is the Managing Director of Employee Matters, a speaker and the author ‘From Hire to Fire and Everything in Between’. She believes that your employees are your greatest asset and also potentially your greatest liability. She has worked in Employee Relations for over for 26 years working both nationally and internationally. She is routinely featured in the SMH, ABC Radio and Start Up Smart. She has been nominated for the Telstra Businesswomen of the Year and she has personally hired, managed and fired over 15, 000 employees.

You will also be provided with: 

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    • $185.00 incl. GST

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