There is often confusion around ‘CPD’ hours, so let’s clear a few things up…

What is ‘CPD’?

If you’re a CA, CPA or a member of another professional body, you need to fill a quota of professional development hours every year.  You probably know this, but for more information see:

The Tax Institute
Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand
CPA Australia
Institute of Public Accountants

‘Structured’ vs ‘Un-Structured’ CPD hours

Structured means a live event which you have attended, where the content can be assessed for relevancy by your industry body.  Structured CPD has a defined outline, purpose or objective, aim or learning outcome and the ideal audience will be described in terms of levels, assumed knowledge, sectors or client base.

Live CCH webinars are all Structured CPD hours and are all recorded for posterity, so they can be assessed by the professional bodies in future if your CPD log comes into question.

Non-Structured means no one can check up on you.  Reading materials, networking and social activites fall into this category.

What qualifies?

What qualifies for CPD is very subjective and depends on the personal outcome for you.  If your skills as an Accountant were developed in the course of the activity then it’s likely that the activity qualifies for CPD. E.g. if you attend a course on unbundling accounting services.

If the activity is not likely to have developed your skills, for example if it is too low-level, or irrelevant it will not qualify.


We recommend you keep your own CPD log and record your CPD details after each webinar.

Note: if you have joined the CCH Learning membership program then any time spent watching recordings whilst logged in to the platform will be automatically tracked for you but you should record your attendance at live sessions.