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Where do I start?

The first step is to Register by entering your name and email address. We recommend you also set your timezone at this point as this will ensure that events and webinar sessions are scheduled correctly in your calendar.

Why Register?

The registration process creates your unique user profile which means you can:

  • view any past webinar or e-Learnings you’ve enrolled in
  • continue where you left off
  • access related training materials
  • download a certificate of completion once you finish a course
  • monitor your learning activities and automatically log your CPD hours

Where should I go?

After you have signed in you’ll be able to navigate to the following:

  • My Courses and Learning Plans – this is where you’ll find all of the courses and learning plans in which you’re enrolled categorised as ‘Not Yet Started, ‘In progress’ and ‘Completed’.
  • An Index of Topic Catalogues – when you know which area you want to explore.
  • Topic Tiles – scroll through Catalogues to individual topics organised in streams.
  • Featured topics – the most popular sessions which have received great feedback are highlighted.
  • My Calendar – can be synced to your calendar software eg. Outlook using the ‘EXPORT’ arrow at the top right so you’ll always know when you’ve got a webinar coming up.
  • Transaction Record – easily review your past orders by entering the date range and then use the ellipsis (3 dots) on the right to see more details.


When you sign into CCH Learning you will be able to enrol into any of the ‘live’ webinars and e-Learnings included in your plan. Simply select your course then ‘Enrol’ and you’ll be able to ‘Start Learning Now’. The course will also be added to My Courses and Learning Plans so you can easily return and view it later.

For more information on becoming a subscriber please click here.

What’s the difference between a Course, a Webinar and an e-Learning?

A ‘Course’ can take the form of a webinar or e-Learning – think of it as the topic or the subject matter that is covered.

You can access the content and acquire the knowledge in a Course by attending a webinar or completing the e-Learning.

The good news is that with CCH Learning, you never have to choose between the webinar and the e-Learning since you always have access to both! See the FAQ below, ‘What if I can’t attend the live webinar’.

For more information on becoming a subscriber please click here.

What if I can’t attend the live Webinar?

No problem, you will automatically be enrolled in the corresponding e-Learning whether you attended the live session or not. This includes all relevant training material and a searchable transcript of the session. You can review the recording multiple times at your convenience and resume watching where you left off.

How do I access a live Webinar?

You can join the webinar from 15 minutes before the scheduled start time by going to My Courses and Learning Plans or My Calendar to find the relevant session.

Alternatively, you will have received an email notification with a link to add the details of the session to your calendar.

Once you have selected the link to the webinar click on the blue Upcoming button and then the orange ‘Join Webinar’ button.

NOTE: you must be signed into your user profile to join. Webinars start promptly, so we recommend you log in a few minutes ahead of time.

How do I access the supporting documentation and transcript?

Webinars – a PDF version of the Powerpoint and other resources can be found under the ‘Training Material’ tab.

e-Learnings – all training material including a searchable transcript of the session can be found in the File Repository.

How do I unlock the Knowledge Quiz?

You must complete watching the video as a prerequisite to taking the Knowledge Quiz.

How do I unlock the Feedback Survey?

You must complete watching the video as a prerequisite to accessing the Feedback Survey.

How do I access my CPD Certificate?

As soon as you complete a course you can download your certificate.

  • Attend more than 80% of a live webinar to attain a status of ‘complete’.
  • Answer the Feedback Survey and CPD Quiz to ‘complete’ an e-Learning.

How can I check if GoToWebinar will work?

Please test via this link

Help! I have forgotten my password!

Please use the forgot password function here

Help! I have forgotten my username!

Your username is your email address.